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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we answer the most common questions for our customers….

What Can I Store At Your Facility.?

You can store almost anything but just a little common sense, we don accept anything flammable-Petrol-paint thinners-paint-un-opened food and your mother In-law.

What is the minimum time I can rent?

The minimum term is 4 weeks but you can rent for as long as you want.

Can I Store Cars?

Unfortunately you cant as we don’t have the space or access for cars.

Is there A Contract To Sign And Do I Require ID?

Yes there is a short contract to sign  and 2 forms of ID is required. Passport or Drivers License (photo ID) And a utility bill or similar dated within the last 3 months.

How Much Space do I need?

To get better idea of how much space you require head of over to our space estimators page and watch some of our videos.

What happens if I need a different size unit as my business grows?

Very simply inform us and we will move you to the next size room up.

How long can I stay in the storage facility for?

There is no maximum stay, if you wish to stay for years that’s no problem but the minimum term is 4 weeks. We also have a 2 weeks cancellation period.

How much notice do i need to give?

We require 14 days notice but you can start to take your items out in this time if you wish to do so.

What are your opening times?

Please see our opening times page for our opening times.

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